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4-23-16 The Materials needed for Sodding a Lawn

4-23-16 The Materials needed for Sodding a Lawn

When getting ready to sod an area for a new lawn think about the preparation as the most important part next to watering. Lets go over the materials needed for a new lawn. We start with soil, depending on the quality of your soil you will either want to add topsoil, topsoil/compost mix, and or a starter fertilizer. Always try to make sure you use fresh compost or soils, bagged soils can hold moisture leading to mold problems in lawns and around lawns as well so always try to get non bagged soils. If the area has good soil and does not need amending but merely a new lawn its better to use a sod starter fertilizer to aid in rooting for the initial installation. After preparing the lawn always grade and compact the soil to assure no  settling and even smooth lawn. A item used for installations is a sod roller though smaller lawns maybe walked off. Its very vital that after installing a lawn you heavy water and compact sod to soil to assure soil contact and no areas where water can float under the sod creating a potential problem for rooting. After water lawn 2-3 times daily for 10-15 minutes. If hand watering double watering time. Always walk off the edge and by that i mean seal the edge in with your shoe to assure it has contact since the edge is always the hottest when near a walkway.

Materials- fertilizers,sod,water

Equipment-rake, roller,

Sod and Seed


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